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    Located in Menthon St Bernard (15 minute drive from Annecy 74), the recording process takes place at Studio du Lac in a cosy environment far from the city stress. This is where the magic starts

    The idea is to capture the best performance you are able to give and make it shine through to production.

-You must know your songs!! It’s very likely that there will be last minute changes during tracking as being in the studio cultivates new ideas but you must be able to play your songs. All the editing in the world won’t replace     a great performance.
-Have your instruments properly set up, there is nothing worse than a guitar with poor intonation and that sounds out of tune through the neck. An out of tune guitar will be very hard to mix and won’t be pleasant to play.
-Get new heads for your drum shells (we can discuss models by mail) and new strings (even for bass!!!!).

-Prepare guide tracks on which the drummer (who will be first to record) can play, this can be a Guitar Pro export or a demo guitar that you will have recorded at home. Prepare all the tempos for each songs, including the tempo changes and time signature changes.

    It is of course possible to record yourself if you have the appropriate gear or if you are doing it in another studio, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on how to get properly set up.


    Mixing is where we begin to cook, after we prepared all our ingredients and are ready to join them together. To make a quality meal we need quality ingredients, this is why we must spend a good amount of time  on the quality of the takes.
    The first step is creating a template, a sonic structure on which to base the whole album. We must decide on a track that embodies the album the best.

    Mixing is done remotely, this enables you to take a step back and listen to it in conditions you are familiar with. It is of course possible to come to the studio during the mix finalisation to check on the small details together.

    Every band is different and deserves its own sonic identity.


    The last step will be mastering, the icing on the cake. It’s the last embellishing step on the album and making all the songs homogenous as well as getting it ready to be printed.

    At the end of the production, you will receive:
-1 DDP folder (to send to the printing plant)
-The album in WAVE 24bit 44.1kHz
-The album in WAVE 16bit 44.1kHz
-The album in MP3 320kbps

    However you will have to provide the ISRC codes for the tracks and the UPC/EAN code for the album, your label will provide them for you. If you are not signed, the process to get these codes varies from country to country but it is possible to get them on your own, if this is the case Google will be your best friend.

    You can benefit from our partnership with Hurricane Entertainment and get a 10% discount when printing your next album. Contact us for more info.

    Every project is different and deserves the greatest attention, this is why it’s difficult to give a fixed price. The quantity of work between a Metal band and an acoustic duo will be very different.


Contact me for a quote and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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